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Once upon a time, there were 7 attractive women who got by on their appearances, and 7 intelligent men with limited social skills, who lived in a house together, learning from each others' weaknesses and strengths. By the end of their six-episode journey, these diverse men and women received lessons in confidence, equality, and dignity. No longer were they just the Beauty and the Geek. Beauty and the Geek is Ashton Kutcher's social experiment, which tested if seven beautiful women could work with seven intelligent men to become a whole lot more. (Quelle:
Genre: Romance
First Aired: 2005-06-01 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 5 (show/hide)
10 More Than Just a Beauty and a Geek2008-05-13
9 The Fixer-Uppers2008-05-06
8 Snowbound2008-04-29
7 Beauty and the Geek Special2008-04-22
6 Flame Broiled Geeks2008-04-15
5 From Geek to Chic2008-04-08
4 Lovelorn Science2008-04-01
3 It's Game Time2008-03-25
2 Raps, Rhymes and Geeks2008-03-18
1 Season Premiere2008-03-11
Season 4 (show/hide)
13 And the Winner Is...2007-12-04
12 Meet the Parents2007-11-27
11 Whine and Dine2007-11-20
10 Raising the Bar2007-11-13
9 Viva Mexico!2007-11-06
8 A Look Back2007-10-30
7 Super Geek2007-10-23
6 It's Good to Be King2007-10-16
5 It's Not Rocket Science2007-10-09
4 Double Dare2007-10-02
3 Opposites Attract2007-09-25
2 When Worlds Collide (2)2007-09-18
1 When Worlds Collide (1)2007-09-18
Season 3 (show/hide)
9 Beauties and Geeks Reunite2007-02-21
8 Beauty Queen and Geek King2007-02-14
7 Down on the Farm2007-02-07
6 Geek Love2007-01-31
5 Beauties and the Beach2007-01-24
4 Beauties Pimp Their Geeks2007-01-17
3 Geeks Get Naked2007-01-10
2 The Beauties Meet the Geeks (2)2007-01-03
1 The Beauties Meet the Geeks (1)2007-01-03
Season 2 (show/hide)
8 Episode 08 - The Finale2006-03-09
7 Episode 072006-03-02
6 Episode 062006-02-16
5 Episode 052006-02-09
4 Episode 042006-02-02
3 Episode 032006-01-26
2 Episode 022006-01-19
1 Episode 012006-01-12
Season 1 (show/hide)
7 Happily Ever After?2005-07-13
6 The Grand Prize Goes To...2005-07-06
5 The Great Outdoors2005-06-29
4 Makeovers and Pick-Up Lines2005-06-22
3 Rockets and Fashion Shows2005-06-15
2 A Day with Mechanics and Masseusses2005-06-08
1 Meet the Geeks2005-06-01
Season 0 (show/hide)
8 A Look Back2007-10-30
1 Beauty and the Geek 2: The Casting Call2006-01-11


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