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Cursed to turn into a girl whenever splashed with cold water, and unwillingly engaged to the rather temperamental and violent Akane Tendo, 16-year-old Ranma Saotome's life is anything but ordinary. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Fantasy | Romance
First Aired: 1989-04-15 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 7 (show/hide)
25 Boy Meets Mom - Part Two1992-09-25
24 Boy Meets Mom - Part One1992-09-18
23 The Tendo Dragon Legend1992-09-11
22 A Ninja's Dog is Black and White1992-09-04
21 The Musical Instruments of Destruction1992-08-28
20 Love of the Cheer Leader - Part Two1992-08-14
19 Love of the Cheer Leader - Part One1992-08-07
18 Battle for Miss Beachside1992-08-21
17 Gosunkugi's Summer Affair1992-07-31
16 Battle for the Golden Tea Set1992-07-24
15 The Kuno Sibling Scandal1992-07-17
14 The Dreaded Happo Mold-Burst1992-07-10
13 Wretched Rice Cakes Of Love1992-07-03
12 Meet You in the Milky Way1992-06-26
11 Madame Saint Paul's Cry for Help1992-06-19
10 The Cradle from Hell1992-06-12
9 Let's Go to the Mushroom Temple1992-06-05
8 Run Away With Me, Ranma!1992-05-29
7 Shampoo's Cursed Kiss1992-05-22
6 From the Depths of Despair - Part Two1992-05-15
5 From the Depths of Despair - Part One1992-05-08
4 Pick-a-Peck o' Happosai1992-05-01
3 Nihao! Jusenkyo Guide1992-04-24
2 Ranma's Greatest Challenge!?1992-04-17
1 Tatewaki Kuno, Substitute Principal1992-04-10
Season 6 (show/hide)
24 Master and Student... Forever!?1992-04-03
23 Akane's Unfathomable Heart1992-03-27
22 Gosunkugi's Paper Dolls of Love1992-03-20
21 A Teenage Ghost Story1992-03-13
20 Ukyo's Secret Sauce - Part Two1992-03-06
19 Ukyo's Secret Sauce - Part One1992-02-28
18 Mystery of the Marauding Octopus Pot!1992-02-21
17 Legend of the Lucky Panda!1992-02-14
16 Curse of the Scribbled Panda1992-02-07
15 Akane goes to the Hospital!1992-01-31
14 A Cold Day in Furinkan1992-01-24
13 A Xmas Without Ranma1992-01-17
12 The Missing Matriarch of Martial Arts Tea!1992-01-10
11 The Demon from Jusenkyo - Part Two1991-12-20
10 The Demon from Jusenkyo - Part One1991-12-13
9 The Date-Monster of Watermelon Island1991-12-06
8 The Case of the Furinkan Stalker!1991-11-29
7 Tendo Family Goes to the Amusement Park!1991-11-15
6 Ryoga Inherits the Saotome School?1991-11-01
5 Back to the Way We Were... Please!1991-10-25
4 The Secret Don of Furinkan High1991-10-18
3 Ranma's Calligraphy Challenge1991-10-11
2 Enter Gosunkugi, The New Rival!?1991-10-04
1 Dear Daddy... Love, Kodachi!1991-09-27
Season 5 (show/hide)
24 Ranma Versus Shadow Ranma!1991-09-20
23 Case of the Missing Takoyaki!1991-09-20
22 Nabiki, Ranma's New Fiance!1991-09-06
21 Into the Darkness1991-08-30
20 Ryoga, Run Into the Sunset1991-08-23
19 Swimming with Psychos1991-08-16
18 Dinner at Ringside!1991-08-09
17 Bonjour, Furinkan!1991-08-02
16 Sasuke's Mission: Improbable1991-07-26
15 Shogi Showdown1991-07-19
14 Ranma the Lady-Killer1991-07-12
13 Revenge! Raging Okonomiyaki...!1991-07-05
12 The Frogman's Curse!1991-06-28
11 The Mixed-Bath Horror!1991-06-21
10 A Leotard is a Girl's Burden1991-06-14
9 The Matriarch Takes a Stand1991-06-07
8 Me is Kuno's Daddy, Me is1991-05-31
7 Hot Springs Battle Royale!1991-05-24
6 And the Challenger is... A Girl?!1991-05-17
5 The Gentle Art of Martial Tea Ceremony1991-05-10
4 Genma Takes a Walk1991-05-03
3 Ryoga's Proposal1991-04-26
2 When a Guy's Pride and Joy is Gone1991-04-19
1 Gimme That Pigtail1991-04-12
Season 4 (show/hide)
24 Ling-Ling and Lung-Lung Strike Back!1991-04-05
23 Ranma, You Are Such A Jerk!1991-03-29
22 Kuno Becomes a Marianne!1991-03-22
21 The Dumbest Bet in History!1991-03-15
20 Mousse Goes Home to the Country!1991-03-08
19 Shampoo's Red Thread of Dread!1991-03-01
18 Ranma and Kuno's... First Kiss1991-02-22
17 The Egg-Catcher Man1991-02-15
16 Close Call! P-chan's Secret1991-02-08
15 Ryoga the Strong... Too Strong1991-02-01
14 Extra, Extra! Kuno and Nabiki: Read All About It!1991-01-25
13 Happosai's Happy Heart!1991-01-18
12 Ryoga's Tendo Dojo Houseguest Diary1991-01-11
11 Step Outside!1990-12-21
10 A Formidable New Disciple Appears1990-12-14
9 Blow, Wind! To Be Young is to Go Gung-Ho1990-12-14
8 My Fiance, the Cat1990-12-07
7 From Ryoga with Love1990-11-30
6 Here Comes Ranma's Mom!1990-11-16
5 Showdown! Can Ranma Make a Comeback?1990-11-02
4 Eureka! The Desperate Move of Desperation1990-10-26
3 Ranma Gets Weak!1990-10-19
2 Enter Kuno, the Night-Prowling Knight1990-10-12
1 The Return of the Hawai'ian Headmaster from Hell1990-10-05
Season 3 (show/hide)
24 Ranma Goes Back to Jusenkyo at Last1990-10-05
23 Ukyo's Skirt! The Great Girly-Girl Gambit1990-09-21
22 Fight! The Anything-Goes Obstacle Course Race1990-09-14
21 Ryoga's Miracle Cure! Hand Over That Soap1990-09-07
20 Enter Ken and His Copycat Kerchief1990-08-31
19 Ranma and the Evil Within1990-08-24
18 Two, Too Violent Girls: Ling-Ling & Lung-Lung1990-08-17
17 The Last Days of Happosai...? (Filler)1990-08-10
16 Kodachi The Black Rose! The Beeline to True Love (Filler)1990-08-03
15 Back to the Happosai! (Filler)1990-07-27
14 The Ultimate Team-up!? The Ryoga / Mousse Alliance (Filler)1990-07-20
13 All It Takes is One! The Kiss of Love is the Kiss of Death1990-07-13
12 Ghost Story! Ranma and the Magic Sword (Filler)1990-07-06
11 Les Miserables of the Kuno Estate (Filler)1990-06-29
10 Final Facedown! Happosai vs. The Invisible Man1990-06-22
9 Am I... Pretty? Ranma's Declaration of Womanhood (Filler)1990-06-15
8 The Killer From Jusenkyo (Filler)1990-06-08
7 Transform! Akane the Super-Duper Girl1990-06-01
6 The Witch Who Loved Me: A Japanese Ghost Story (Filler)1990-05-25
5 I Love You! My Dear, Dear Ukyo1990-05-18
4 Rub-a-Dub-Dub! There's a Pervert in the Tub1990-05-11
3 Sneeze Me, Squeeze Me, Please Me! Shampoo's Recipe For Disaster1990-05-04
2 Ryoga and Akane: 2-Gether, 4-Ever1990-04-27
1 Ranma Gains Yet Another Suitor1990-04-20
Season 2 (show/hide)
22 Bathhouse Battle! We're in Some Hot Water Now (Filler)1990-04-13
21 Kissing is Such Sweet Sorrow! The Taking of Akane's Lips1990-04-06
20 SOS! The Wrath of Happosai1990-03-23
19 It's a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain1990-03-16
18 Goodbye Girl-Type1990-03-09
17 Kuno's House Of Gadgets! Guests Check In, But They Don't Check Out1990-03-02
16 Assault on the Girls' Locker Room1990-02-23
15 Enter Happosai, the Lustful Lecher!1990-02-16
14 Ranma vs. Mousse! To Lose Is To Win1990-02-09
13 The Abduction of Akane!1990-02-02
12 Danger at the Tendo Dojo!1990-01-26
11 The Breaking Point!? Ryoga's Great Revenge1990-01-19
10 Ranma Trains on Mount Terror1990-01-12
9 P-Chan Explodes! The Icy Fountain of Love!1989-12-22
8 Close Call! The Dance of Death... On Ice!1989-12-15
7 The Abduction of P-Chan1989-12-08
6 Cool Runnings! The Race of the Snowmen1989-12-01
5 Enter Mousse! The Fist of the White Swan1989-11-24
4 Behold! The Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Technique1989-11-17
3 This Ol' Gal's the Leader of the Amazon Tribe!1989-11-10
2 You Really Do Hate Cats!1989-11-03
1 Clash of the Delivery Girls! The Martial Arts Takeout Race1989-10-20
Season 1 (show/hide)
18 I Am a Man! Ranma's Going Back to China!? (Filler)1989-09-16
17 I Love You, Ranma! Please Don't Say Goodbye1989-09-09
16 Shampoo's Revenge! The Shiatsu Technique That Steals Heart and Soul1989-09-02
15 Enter Shampoo, the Gung-Ho Girl! I Put My Life in Your Hands1989-08-26
14 Pelvic Fortune-Telling? Ranma is the No. One Bride in Japan (Filler)1989-08-19
13 A Tear in a Girl-Delinquent's Eye? The End of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge1989-07-29
12 A Woman's Love is War! The Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge1989-07-22
11 Ranma Meets Love Head-On! Enter the Delinquent Juvenile Gymnast1989-07-15
10 P-P-P-chan! He's Good for Nothin'1989-07-01
9 True Confessions! A Girl's Hair is Her Life!1989-06-17
8 School is a Battlefield! Ranma vs Ryoga1989-06-03
7 Enter Ryoga, the Eternal 'Lost Boy'1989-05-27
6 Akane's Lost Love... These Things Happen, You Know1989-05-20
5 Love Me to the Bone! The Compound Fracture of Akane's Heart1989-05-13
4 Ranma and...Ranma? If It's Not One Thing, It's Another1989-05-06
3 A Sudden Storm of Love1989-04-29
2 School is No Place for Horsing Around1989-04-22
1 Here's Ranma1989-04-15
Season 0 (show/hide)
20 Battle ga Ippai 29-nin no Korinai Yatsura1995-03-03
19 Tendou-ke no Oyobidenai Yatsura!1992-08-30
18 Nettou Uta Gassen 021990-11-21
17 Nettou Uta Gassen 01
16 Ranma ½ (live-action special)2011-12-09
15 Nightmare! The Incense of Spring Sleep (OVA)2008-07-30
14 The Two Akanes - Ranma, Look at Me! (OVA)1996-06-04
13 Hell Hath No Fury Like Kasumi Scorned (OVA)1995-11-17
12 Oh, Cursed Tunnel of Lost Love! Let My Love Be Forever (OVA)1996-02-06
11 Team Ranma vs. the Legendary Phoenix (Movie)1996-02-06
10 Reawakening Memories (2) (OVA)1995-02-17
9 Reawakening Memories (1) (OVA)1994-12-16
8 The One to Carry On (2) (OVA)1994-11-01
7 The One to Carry On (1) (OVA)1994-11-01
6 Stormy Weather Comes to School! Growing Up With Miss Hinako (OVA)1994-06-21
5 Akane vs. Ranma! I'll Be the One to Inherit Mother's Recipes! (OVA)1994-02-18
4 Tendo Family Christmas Scramble (OVA)1993-12-07
3 Shampoo's Sudden Switch - The Curse of the Contrary Jewel (OVA)1993-12-07
2 Nihao, My Concubine (Movie)1992-08-01
1 Big Trouble in Nekonron, China (Movie)1991-11-02

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