Dark Angel

Max is a genetically-enhanced human prototype hunted by her former military handlers through the edgy, underground street life of 21st Century America. Max is aided in her quest - both to avoid capture and reunite with her "siblings" scattered in the aftermath of their escape - by Logan Cale, an idealistic cyber-journalist battling repression and corruption in post-apocalypse.. (Quelle: thetvdb.com)
Genre: Action | Drama | Mystery | Science Fiction
First Aired: 2000-10-03 Status: Ended Length: 45 Min

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Season 2 (show/hide)
21 Freak Nation2002-05-03
20 Love Among the Runes2002-04-26
19 She Ain't Heavy2002-04-19
18 Dawg Day Afternoon2002-04-12
17 Hello, Goodbye2002-04-05
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Season 1 (show/hide)
21 And Jesus Brought a Casserole2001-05-22
20 Meow2001-05-15
19 Hit a Sista Back2001-05-08
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13 The Kidz are Aiight2001-02-20
12 Rising2001-02-13
11 Art Attack2001-02-06
10 Red2001-01-16
9 Out2001-01-09
8 Blah Blah Woof Woof2000-12-12
7 Cold Comfort2000-11-28
6 Prodigy2000-11-21
5 411 on the DL2000-11-14
4 C.R.E.A.M.2000-10-31
3 Flushed2000-10-17
2 Heat2000-10-10
1 Pilot2000-10-03
Season 0 (show/hide)
15 Pilot (Unaired)2002-05-15
14 Season 2 Bloopers2002-05-15
13 Manticore on the Loose2002-05-15
12 Making the Manticore Monsters2002-05-15
11 Max Resurrected2002-05-15
10 Season 1 Bloopers2002-05-15
9 Audition Tapes To Final Scene Comparisons2002-05-15
8 Dark Angel Genesis2002-05-15
7 Seattle Ain't What It Used to Be2002-05-15
6 Creating an X-52002-05-15
5 Game Trailer - James Cameron's Dark Angel2002-05-15
4 Interview With John Savage2002-05-15
3 Interview With Michael Weatherly2002-05-15
2 Interview With Jessica Alba2002-05-15
1 Q&A On The Set With James Cameron And Charles Eglee2002-05-15

(Quelle: thetvdb.com)

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