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Degrassi is a Canadian teen drama television series, set in the Degrassi fictional universe created by Linda Schuyler and Kit Hood in 1980. Degrassi is the fourth fictional series in the Degrassi franchise, following The Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High, and Degrassi High. Like its predecessors, Degrassi follows a group of students attending Degrassi Community School who face challenges common to teen life, such as self image, peer pressure, child abuse, sexual identity, gang violence, self-injury, school shootings, teenage pregnancy and drug abuse. (Quelle:
Genre: Drama | Romance
First Aired: 2001-10-14 Status: Ended Length: 30 Min

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Season 15 (show/hide)
Season 14 (show/hide)
25Don't Look Back2015-08-02
24Finally (2)2015-07-31
23Finally (1)2015-07-31
22The Kids Aren't Alright (2)2015-07-30
21The Kids Aren't Alright (1)2015-07-29
20Teen Age Riot2015-07-28
19I Wanna Be Adored2015-07-27
18Give Me One Reason2015-07-24
17Get It Together2015-07-23
16Walking in My Shoes2015-07-22
14Ready or Not2015-07-20
13Watch Out Now2015-07-20
12Firestarter (2)2015-01-13
11Firestarter (1)2015-01-06
10Hero vs. Villain2014-12-30
9Something's Got to Give2014-12-23
7I'll Be Missing You2014-12-09
6(You Drive Me) Crazy2014-12-02
5There's Your Trouble2014-11-25
4Can't Stop This Thing We Started2014-11-18
3If You Could Only See2014-11-11
2Wise Up2014-11-04
1Smells Like Teen Spirit2014-10-28
Season 13 (show/hide)
40Thunderstruck (2)2014-07-29
39Thunderstruck (1)2014-07-29
38Believe (2)2014-07-22
37Believe (1)2014-07-15
36Out of My Head2014-07-08
34My Hero2014-06-24
33How Bizarre2014-06-17
32Enjoy the Silence2014-06-10
31You Are Not Alone2014-06-03
30Sparks Will Fly (2)2014-04-22
29Sparks Will Fly (1)2014-04-15
28Everything Is Everything2014-04-08
27Army of Me2014-04-01
26Close to Me2014-03-25
25What It's Like2014-03-18
24Unbelievable (2)2014-03-11
23Unbelievable (1)2014-03-11
22Basket Case2014-03-04
21No Surprises2014-02-25
20Power to the People2014-02-18
19Dig Me Out2014-02-11
18Better Man2014-02-04
17The World I Know2014-01-28
15Black Or White2013-11-14
14Barely Breathing2013-11-07
13Who Do You Think You Are2013-10-31
12Everything You've Done Wrong2013-10-24
11You Oughta Know2013-10-17
10You Got Me2013-10-10
9This Is How We Do It2013-10-03
8Young Forever2013-08-22
5About A Girl2013-08-01
4My Own Worst Enemy2013-07-25
3All I Wanna Do2013-07-18
2Summertime (2)2013-07-11
1Summertime (1)2013-07-11
Season 12 (show/hide)
40The Time of My Life (2)2013-06-21
39The Time of My Life (1)2013-06-21
38Zombie (2)2013-04-05
37Zombie (1)2013-03-29
36Karma Police (2)2013-03-22
35Karma Police (1)2013-03-15
34Ray of Light (2)2013-03-08
33Ray of Light (1)2013-03-01
32Bitter Sweet Symphony (2)2013-02-22
31Bitter Sweet Symphony (1)2013-02-15
30Lovefool (2)2012-12-14
29Lovefool (1)2012-12-14
28Tonight, Tonight (2)2012-11-20
27Tonight, Tonight (1)2012-11-20
26I Want It That Way (2)2012-11-16
25I Want It That Way (1)2012-11-09
24Doll Parts (2)2012-11-02
23Doll Parts (1)2012-10-26
22Building a Mystery (2)2012-10-19
21Building a Mystery (1)2012-10-12
20Scream (2)2012-08-16
19Scream (1)2012-08-15
18Sabotage (2)2012-08-14
17Sabotage (1)2012-08-13
16Never Ever (2)2012-08-09
15Never Ever (1)2012-08-08
14Rusty Cage (2)2012-08-07
13Rusty Cage (1)2012-08-06
12Waterfalls (2)2012-08-02
11Waterfalls (1)2012-08-01
10Closer to Free (2)2012-07-31
9Closer to Free (1)2012-07-30
8Say It Ain't So (2)2012-07-26
7Say It Ain't So (1)2012-07-25
6Got Your Money (2)2012-07-24
5Got Your Money (1)2012-07-23
4Walking on Broken Glass (2)2012-07-19
3Walking on Broken Glass (1)2012-07-18
2Come as You Are (2)2012-07-17
1Come as You Are (1)2012-07-16
Season 11 (show/hide)
45In The Cold, Cold Night (2)2012-05-18
44In The Cold, Cold Night (1)2012-05-11
43Hollaback Girl (2)2012-05-04
42Hollaback Girl (1)2012-04-27
41Smash Into You (2)2012-04-20
40Smash Into You (1)2012-04-13
39Need You Now (2)2012-04-06
38Need You Now (1)2012-03-30
37Not Ready to Make Nice (2)2012-03-23
36Not Ready to Make Nice (1)2012-03-16
35Can't Tell Me Nothing (2)2012-03-09
34Can't Tell Me Nothing (1)2012-03-02
33Underneath It All (2)2012-02-24
32Underneath It All (1)2012-02-20
31Nowhere to Run (2)2011-10-24
30Nowhere to Run (1)2011-10-24
29Dead and Gone (2)2011-09-01
28Dead and Gone (1)2011-08-31
27Take a Bow (2)2011-08-30
26Take a Bow (1)2011-08-29
25Don't Panic (2)2011-08-25
24Don't Panic (1)2011-08-24
23Drop It Like It's Hot (2)2011-08-23
22Drop It Like It's Hot (1)2011-08-22
21Extraordinary Machine (2)2011-08-18
20Extraordinary Machine (1)2011-08-17
19Mr. Brightside (2)2011-08-16
18Mr. Brightside (1)2011-08-15
17Lose Yourself (2)2011-08-11
16Lose Yourself (1)2011-08-10
15U Don’t Know (2)2011-08-09
14U Don’t Know (1)2011-08-08
13Should've Said No (2)2011-08-04
12Should've Said No (1)2011-08-03
11Paper Planes (2)2011-08-02
10Paper Planes (1)2011-08-01
9Dirt Off Your Shoulder (2)2011-07-28
8Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1)2011-07-27
7Cry Me a River (2)2011-07-26
6Cry Me a River (1)2011-07-25
4What's My Age Again?2011-07-20
3Love Game2011-07-19
2Boom Boom Pow (2)2011-07-18
1Boom Boom Pow (1)2011-07-18
Season 10 (show/hide)
44Drop the World (2)2011-04-22
43Drop the World (1)2011-04-15
42Chasing Pavements (2)2011-04-08
41Chasing Pavements (1)2011-04-01
40Hide and Seek (2)2011-03-25
39Hide and Seek (1)2011-03-18
38Jesus, Etc. (2)2011-03-11
37Jesus, Etc. (1)2011-03-04
36The Way We Get By (2)2011-02-25
35The Way We Get By (1)2011-02-18
34When Love Takes Over (2)2011-02-11
33When Love Takes Over (1)2011-02-11
32Halo (2)2010-11-19
31Halo (1)2010-11-12
30Umbrella (2)2010-11-05
29Umbrella (1)2010-10-29
28Love Lockdown (2)2010-10-22
27Love Lockdown (1)2010-10-15
26Don't Let Me Get Me (2)2010-10-08
25Don't Let Me Get Me (1)2010-10-08
24All Falls Down (2)2010-08-26
23All Falls Down (1)2010-08-25
22Purple Pills (2)2010-08-24
21Purple Pills (1)2010-08-23
20Still Fighting It (2)2010-08-19
19Still Fighting It (1)2010-08-18
18Tears Dry on Their Own (2)2010-08-17
17Tears Dry on Their Own (1)2010-08-16
16My Body Is a Cage (2)2010-08-12
15My Body Is a Cage (1)2010-08-11
14You Don't Know My Name (2)2010-08-10
13You Don't Know My Name (1)2010-08-09
12Try Honesty (2)2010-08-05
11Try Honesty (1)2010-08-04
10I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself (2)2010-08-03
9I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself (1)2010-08-02
8Better Off Alone (2)2010-07-29
7Better Off Alone (1)2010-07-28
699 Problems (2)2010-07-27
599 Problems (1)2010-07-26
4Breakaway (2)2010-07-22
3Breakaway (1)2010-07-21
2What a Girl Wants (2)2010-07-20
1What a Girl Wants (1)2010-07-19
Season 9 (show/hide)
19Keep On Loving You2010-06-01
18In Your Eyes2010-05-31
17Innocent When You Dream2010-05-24
16Why Can't This Be Love? (2)2010-05-17
15Why Can't This Be Love? (1)2010-05-10
14Start Me Up2009-11-22
13Holiday Road2009-11-22
12Hearts Like Mine (2)2009-11-15
11Hearts Like Mine (1)2009-11-15
9Waiting For A Girl Like You2009-11-08
8Beat It (2)2009-11-01
7Beat It (1)2009-11-01
6Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'2009-10-18
5You Be Illlin'2009-10-18
4Close to Me2009-10-11
3Shoot To Thrill2009-10-11
2Just Can't Get Enough (2)2009-10-04
1Just Can't Get Enough (1)2009-10-04
Season 8 (show/hide)
22Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood (4)2009-08-30
21Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood (3)2009-08-30
20Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood (2)2009-08-30
19Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood (1)2009-08-30
18Danger Zone2009-04-12
17Up Where We Belong2009-04-05
16Heart of Glass2009-03-22
15Touch of Grey2009-03-15
14Jane Says (2)2009-03-08
13Jane Says (1)2009-03-01
12Heat of the Moment2009-02-15
11Causing a Commotion2009-02-08
10Bad Medicine2009-01-25
9Lost in Love (2)2009-01-18
8Lost in Love (1)2008-11-30
7Money for Nothing2008-11-23
6With or Without You2008-11-16
5Man With Two Hearts2008-11-09
4Didn't We Almost Have It All2008-11-02
3Fight the Power2008-10-19
2Uptown Girl (2)2008-10-12
1Uptown Girl (1)2008-10-05
Season 7 (show/hide)
24We Built This City2008-06-23
23If This Is It2008-06-16
22Don't Stop Believing2008-06-09
21Everything She Wants2008-06-02
20Ladies' Night2008-05-26
19Broken Wings2008-05-12
18Another Brick in the Wall2008-05-05
17Talking In Your Sleep2008-04-28
16Sweet Child o' Mine2008-04-21
15Got My Mind Set on You2008-04-14
14Bust a Move (2)2008-04-07
13Bust a Move (1)2008-03-31
12Live to Tell2008-03-24
11Owner of a Lonely Heart2008-03-17
10Pass the Dutchie2008-03-10
9Hungry Eyes2008-03-03
8Jessie's Girl2008-03-10
7We Got the Beat2008-03-03
6Death or Glory (2)2008-02-18
5Death or Glory (1)2008-02-11
4Love Is a Battlefield2008-02-04
3It's Tricky2008-01-28
2Standing in the Dark (2)2008-01-21
1Standing in the Dark (1)2008-01-14
Season 6 (show/hide)
19Don't You Want Me (2)2007-05-14
18Don't You Want Me (1)2007-05-07
17Sunglasses at Night2007-04-23
16Love My Way2007-04-16
15Free Fallin' (2)2007-04-04
14Free Fallin' (1)2007-03-28
13If You Leave2007-04-09
12The Bitterest Pill2007-01-09
11Rock This Town2007-01-09
10What's It Feel Like to be a Ghost? (2)2007-01-02
9What's It Feel Like to be a Ghost? (1)2007-01-02
8Crazy Little Thing Called Love2006-12-19
7Working for the Weekend2006-12-19
6Eyes Without a Face (2)2006-12-12
5Eyes Without a Face (1)2006-12-12
4Can't Hardly Wait2006-12-05
3True Colours2006-12-05
2Here Comes Your Man (2)2006-11-28
1Here Comes Your Man (1)2006-11-28
Season 5 (show/hide)
19High Fidelity (2)2006-03-20
18High Fidelity (1)2006-03-13
17Total Eclipse of the Heart2006-03-06
16Our Lips Are Sealed (2)2006-02-27
15Our Lips Are Sealed (1)2006-02-20
14I Against I2006-01-30
13Together Forever2005-12-12
12The Lexicon of Love (2)2005-12-05
11The Lexicon of Love (1)2005-11-28
10Redemption Song2005-11-21
9Tell It to My Heart2005-11-14
8Turned Out (2)2005-11-07
7Turned Out (1)2005-10-31
6I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For2005-10-24
5Weddings, Parties, Anything2005-10-17
3Death of a Disco Dancer2005-10-03
2Venus (2)2005-09-19
1Venus (1)2005-09-19
Season 4 (show/hide)
22Goin' Down the Road (2)2005-02-14
21Goin' Down the Road (1)2005-02-07
20West End Girls2005-01-31
19Moonlight Desires2005-01-31
18Modern Love2005-01-24
17Queen of Hearts2005-01-17
16Eye of the Tiger2004-12-14
15Secret (2)2004-12-07
14Secret (1)2004-11-30
13Bark at the Moon2004-11-23
12Voices Carry (2)2004-11-09
11Voices Carry (1)2004-11-02
10Neutron Dance2004-10-26
9Back in Black2004-10-19
8Time Stands Still (2)2004-10-12
7Time Stands Still (1)2004-10-05
6Islands In The Stream2004-09-28
5Anywhere I Lay My Head2004-09-28
4Mercy Street2004-09-21
3King of Pain2004-09-21
2Ghost in the Machine (2)2004-09-07
1Ghost in the Machine (1)2004-09-07
Season 3 (show/hide)
22The Power of Love2004-03-29
21Our House2004-03-29
20I Want Candy2004-03-22
19It's Raining Men2004-03-15
18Rock and Roll High School2004-03-08
17Don't Dream It's Over2004-02-23
16Take On Me2004-02-16
15Accidents Will Happen (2)2004-02-09
14Accidents Will Happen (1)2004-01-26
13This Charming Man2003-12-10
12Holiday (2)2003-12-17
11Holiday (1)2003-12-17
10Never Gonna Give You Up2003-11-19
9Against All Odds2003-11-05
8Whisper to a Scream2003-11-12
7Should I Stay or Should I Go?2003-10-29
6Gangsta Gangsta2003-10-22
5Pride (2)2003-10-15
4Pride (1)2003-10-08
3U Got the Look2003-10-01
2Father Figure (2)2003-09-17
1Father Figure (1)2003-09-17
Season 2 (show/hide)
22Tears Are Not Enough (2)2003-02-23
21Tears Are Not Enough (1)2003-02-16
20How Soon Is Now?2003-02-09
19Fight for Your Right2003-02-02
17Dressed in Black2003-01-19
16Message in a Bottle2003-01-17
15Hot for Teacher2003-01-10
14Careless Whisper2003-01-03
13White Wedding (2)2003-01-05
12White Wedding (1)2003-01-05
11Don't Believe the Hype2002-12-01
10Take My Breath Away2002-11-24
9Mirror in the Bathroom2002-11-17
8Shout (2)2002-11-10
7Shout (1)2002-11-03
5Weird Science2002-10-20
4Karma Chameleon2002-10-13
3Girls Just Wanna Have Fun2002-10-06
2When Doves Cry (2)2002-09-29
1When Doves Cry (1)2002-09-29
Season 1 (show/hide)
15Jagged Little Pill2002-03-03
14Under Pressure2002-02-24
11Friday Night2002-01-27
10Rumours and Reputations2002-01-06
9Coming of Age2001-12-16
8Secrets and Lies2001-12-09
7Basketball Diaries2001-12-02
6The Mating Game2001-11-25
5Parents' Day2001-11-18
4Eye of the Beholder2001-11-11
3Family Politics2001-11-04
2Mother and Child Reunion (2)2001-10-14
1Mother and Child Reunion (1)2001-10-14
Season 0 (show/hide)
4Degrassi Takes Manhattan2010-07-16
3Degrassi Goes to Hollywood2009-08-30
2The Curse of Degrassi2008-10-26
1Degrassi of the Dead2007-10-31


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