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This situation comedy takes place in New York's City Hall. It centers on Mike Flaherty, the deputy mayor, who has to protect the slightly moronic mayor, Randall Winston from those who want to ruin his political career, and from himself, cause he is constantly making an ass of himself and Mike has to try and make sure that his little escapades are either not made public or have very little negative effect on the mayor. Helping Mike is Carter, probably the least quirky member of the mayor's staff and Nikki and James. Stuart and Paul are two members of the staff who cause just as much problems. Mike's secretary, who joined the show during the second season was Stacy. Mike's girlfriend during the first season was Ashley, but the character was dropped, his next girlfriend, during the following season was Laurie, and during the third season it was Nikki, and in the fourth season it was Caitlin Moore, the mayor's campaign manager. Michael J. Fox would leave the show after the fourth season. During the next season, the new deputy mayor would be Charlie Crawford. (Quelle:
Genre: Comedy
First Aired: 1996-09-17 Status: Ended Length: 25 Min

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Season 6 (show/hide)
22 A Friend in Need2002-04-30
21 A Tale of Four Cities2002-04-30
20 Look Who's Not Talking2002-04-23
19 Let's Give Them Something to Talk About2002-04-16
18 An Affair Not to Remember2002-04-09
17 Age Against the Machine2002-03-26
16 Eyes Wide Open2002-03-19
15 Sex, Lies and Video Date2002-03-12
14 Rags to Riches2002-03-05
13 O Mother, Where Art Thou?2002-01-08
12 An Office and a Gentleman2001-12-11
11 Chinatown2001-11-27
10 Fight Flub2001-11-20
9 The Wedding Scammer2001-11-13
8 She's Gotta Habit2001-11-06
7 Sleeping with the Enemy2001-11-06
6 Yeah Baby!2001-10-23
5 Yet Another Stakeout2001-10-16
4 The Apartment2001-10-09
3 Wife with Mikey2001-10-02
2 A Tree Falls in Manhattan (2)2001-09-25
1 The Arrival (1)2001-09-25
Season 5 (show/hide)
23 A Shot in the Dark (2)2001-05-23
22 A Shot in the Dark (1)2001-05-23
21 Brotherly Love2001-05-16
20 Science Friction2001-05-09
19 Minor League2001-05-02
18 You've Got Male2001-04-25
17 Rain on My Charades2001-02-28
16 Trainstopping2001-02-21
15 The Image Maker2001-02-14
14 In the Company of Dudes2001-02-07
13 The Gambler2001-01-24
12 Hey Judith2001-01-17
11 The Perfect Dorm2001-01-10
10 Toy Story2000-12-20
9 The Burgers of Wrath2000-12-13
8 All the Wrong Moves2000-12-06
7 Lost and Found2000-11-29
6 Balloons over Broadway2000-11-22
5 Blind Faith2000-11-15
4 The Bone Collectors2000-11-08
3 The Spanish Prisoner2000-11-01
2 Smile2000-10-25
1 Hello Charlie2000-10-18
Season 4 (show/hide)
26 Goodbye (2)2000-05-24
25 Goodbye (1)2000-05-24
24 The Commitments2000-05-17
23 An American Deputy Mayor in Paris2000-05-10
22 Airplane!2000-05-03
21 Don't Get on the Bus2000-04-26
20 About Last Night2000-04-19
19 Uneasy Rider2000-03-22
18 The Pig Whisperer2000-03-08
17 Mike's Best Friend's Boyfriend2000-02-23
16 Suffragette City2000-02-16
15 The Marry Caitlin Moore Show2000-02-09
14 Casino2000-02-02
13 A Tale of Two Sisters2000-01-12
12 My Dinner with Caitlin (a.k.a. Christmas 1999)1999-12-21
11 Mustang Mikey1999-12-07
10 The Doorman Always Rings Twice1999-11-30
9 The Thanksgiving Show1999-11-23
8 How to Bury a Millionaire1999-11-16
7 The Great Debate1999-11-09
6 The Mayor May Not1999-11-02
5 Rebel Without a Chair1999-10-19
4 These Shoes Were Made for Cheatin'1999-10-12
3 All the Mayor's Men1999-10-05
2 James and the Giant Speech1999-09-28
1 Catcher in the Bronx1999-09-21
Season 3 (show/hide)
26 Klumageddon (2)1999-05-25
25 Klumageddon (1)1999-05-18
24 Wall Street1999-05-11
23 The Mayor With Two Brains1999-05-04
22 Carter & Stuart & Bennett & Deirdre1999-04-13
21 The Last Temptation of Mike1999-04-06
20 That's Entertainment1999-03-16
19 Politically Incorrect1999-03-02
18 Back to the Future IV: Judgment Day1999-02-23
17 Dick Clark's Rockin' Make-Out Party '991999-02-16
16 Internal Affairs1999-02-09
15 Not in the Line of Fire1999-01-26
14 The Nutty Deputy Mayor1999-01-12
13 Taxi Driver1999-01-05
12 Monkey Business1998-12-15
11 Local Hero1998-12-08
10 Gobble the Wonder Turkey Saves the Day1998-11-24
9 The Kidney's All Right1998-11-17
8 Quest for Fire1998-11-10
7 An Officer and a Gentleman1998-11-03
6 Three Men and a Little Lady1998-10-27
5 It Happened One Night1998-10-20
4 The Deer Hunter1998-10-13
3 Gone with the Wind1998-10-06
2 There's Something About Heidi1998-09-29
1 Dead Dog Talking1998-09-22
Season 2 (show/hide)
24 The Paul-Bearer1998-05-20
23 Single White Male1998-05-06
22 The Lady or the Tiger1998-05-06
21 Bye, Bye, Birdie1998-04-29
20 The Pope of Gracie Mansion1998-04-01
19 A River Runs Through Me1998-03-18
18 One Wedding and a Funeral (2)1998-03-11
17 The Marrying Men (1)1998-03-04
16 Deaf Man Walking1998-02-25
15 Gentleman's Agreement1998-01-28
14 The Paul Lassiter Story1998-01-21
13 Same Time Next Year1998-01-07
12 Miracle Near 34th Street1997-12-17
11 They Shoot Horses, Don't They?1997-12-10
10 Family Affair (2)1997-11-26
9 Family Affair (1)1997-11-19
8 My Life is a Soap Opera1997-11-12
7 The Thirty Year Itch1997-11-05
6 Radio Daze1997-10-29
5 In the Heat of the Day1997-10-22
4 The Goodbye Girl1997-10-15
3 Wonder Woman1997-10-08
2 Porn in the U.S.A.1997-10-01
1 Paul Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest1997-09-24
Season 1 (show/hide)
24 Mayor Over Miami1997-05-13
23 The Mayor Who Came to Dinner1997-05-06
22 Bone Free1997-04-29
21 Hot in the City1997-04-01
20 Deaf Becomes Her1997-03-18
19 Striptease1997-03-04
18 Snowbound1997-02-25
17 An Affair to Remember1997-02-18
16 Kiss Me, Stupid1997-02-11
15 Gabby's Song1997-01-28
14 Starting Over1997-01-14
13 Bye Bye Love1997-01-07
12 Criss Cross1996-12-17
11 Dog Day Afternoon1996-12-10
10 The Competition1996-11-26
9 Meet Tommy Dugan1996-11-19
8 The High and the Mighty1996-11-12
7 Grand Illusion1996-10-29
6 A Star is Born1996-10-22
5 The Rivals1996-10-15
4 Pride and Prejudice1996-10-08
3 The Apartment1996-10-01
2 The Great Pretender1996-09-24
1 Pilot1996-09-17
Season 0 (show/hide)
3 The Spin Making Spin City
2 Team Fox Supporting The Michael J Fox Foundation
1 Prime Time Partners Michael J Fox And Gary David Goldberg

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